All-Inclusive St.Maarten/St.Martin Fishing Excursion

Excursion Description

St. Maarten is home to some fantastic deep sea fishing. With her large aft-cockpit, Top Secret is perfectly suited for deep-sea fishing.  We can tackle the shallow running fish or the deep sea monsters.  No fish is safe while Capt. Myles is cruising the waters.

Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Yellow-fin-tuna are among the regular daily catch here in the waters around the island. Now and again we get the luxury of hooking a Blue Marlin, and boy, what a rush to see this magnificent fish dance and fight for the right to live.

St.Maarten Wahoo are known for their sharp vision, amazing speed and sharp teeth.  The thrill when one of these fish hit the line at full speed is exhilarating.  Hearing the line peel out at 60mph is enough to make any fishermans heart race.  Since these fish move so fast, a fast troll with artifical lures is usually the best way to hook up with these fish.  The fast troll also allows us to cover alot of water and find the active fish.

Mahi Mahi, or Dorado, is a fast growing fish that lives around 4 years.  In that time they can reach sizes up to 40lbs, although more than 30lbs is rare.  Mahi Mahi have a unique look to them, with a large rayed pectoral fin, protruding forehead and colors ranging from blue/green to golden.  This fish are known to be shallow running predators that focus in smaller fish, crustaceans.  Looks for foraging birds and floating weeds, there will usually be mahi mahi near by.

The famous Blue Marlin is truely a fish that lives up to its reputation as a sport fish as well as table fare.  Unfortunately, they are currently considered a threatened species by the IUCN due to over fishing, as a result all marlin caught are released.  Males can reach up to 160kg while females are known to reach 4 times that. Due to there speed, weight and acrobatic abilities these fish are a blast to catch.  Although not as common as the Wahoo and Mahi Mahi, we do get the pleasure of meeting these fish on occasion.

Some other species caught while fishing in St.Maarten, include Yellow and Black Fin tuna, Snapper, Kingfish and Shark etc.  Closer to shore there are tarpon, snook and bonefish for your enjoyment.


Full Day Fishing Charter (5 hrs):

$1200.00 up to 6 Passengers
 -  150.00 / Extra Adult
 -  100.00 / Extra Observer
 -  Limit of 10 people
Hardcore Fisherman Option (+$300):
-  Additional 2hrs of time
- All Beverages
- Snacks
 - Lunch Included
- KFC,Subway, etc
 - Fishing Gear

About Top Secret Excursions

We are a family run excursion company based in St.Maarten. We enjoy sharing our love of the country and the love of boating with our customers in a way most people miss out on.

We do not operate a fleet or run a company that will make you feel like a bunch of cattle. We operate on the idea that quality is first and foremost to our cruisers, so that is our aim.

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