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At Top Secret Excursions we are very passionate about providing our guests with the most fantastic boating experience possible! Don't just browse this website, but let your imagination run wild. The information and pictures provided here should only serve as inspiration for you to create your very own 'Top Secret Mission'.

With more than a decade of experience in Caribbean tourism and an extensive background in scuba diving, we have created a new kind of company with Top Secret Excursions. We specialize in a highly individualized, elite experience and we achieve this by carefully listening to our clients and turning their dreams into reality.

With our streamlined operations, we have managed to create rates for our cruises which are affordable to many St. Maarten visitors.

Sint Maarten is home to many of the world's most famous 100 foot+ mega-yachts, several of them available for charter if you could spare a hundred thousand Dollars (!) per week. With our 45 foot MY Top Secret, we are giving you a taste of VIP luxury with all its trimmings at a tiny, tiny fraction of mega yacht rates.

You only have experienced the true allure of the Caribbean, if you explore the secluded coves and uninhabited islands by boat. Get your first glimpse of the fascinating world of marine life by snorkeling, and maybe this leads to a live long passion in scuba diving.

At Top Secret Excursions, we are eager to hear from you and are happy to answer all your questions. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us – we'd like to welcome you aboard Motor Yacht Top Secret soon!

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About Top Secret Excursions

We are a family run excursion company based in St.Maarten. We enjoy sharing our love of the country and the love of boating with our customers in a way most people miss out on.

We do not operate a fleet or run a company that will make you feel like a bunch of cattle. We operate on the idea that quality is first and foremost to our cruisers, so that is our aim.

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